Saturday, November 15, 2014

What is on your gift list?

Christmas is coming soon! Are you ready? It's time to be thinking even more about gifts, because last minute shopping is never good.   :)

I have a gift list for people. No wish lists for me, I am all about giving. Now, there are some things that I want, but people know about them, so I don't need to vocalize my wants very often.

So here's my gift list.

My wonderful Mom: I already showed you that in the last post. P.S. Do you like it?

Dad is getting this. He likes them, and I'm happy to get them for him!

I am giving my brothers something slightly funny, pesty, and annoying! Fow my oldest brother, a purple eraser that says on it "My Bad" and my other brother is getting a pink one that says "Not Again". They will not know what to think! (especially of the colors, LOL)

I like to paint, sew, and knit, cross-stitch, etc. So I love to give people my creations! I also like custom designing clothing, which you already knew about.
I am right now trying to make a skirts for my riding friend for Christmas, that has so many pleats and gathers that it looks like a skirt, but it easily splits to make pants. And when it is pants, It shouldn't look crazy! If you have any ideas for that, please let me know in the comments box. Thank you!

I also like to give the girls jewelry, small pins, hair accessories, scarves and so on. What is your favorite hair accessory? What is your friend's favorite hair accessory? Get thinking!

I have so much more, but these are only the highlights. I hope that I've inspired you to start a wonderful gift list, and remember the Greatest Gift to the world. That is why we give anyway, isn't it? :)

Now for some tried-and-true tips on gift giving:

Don't try to be cheap. Be willing to spend a little more money to get something a whole lot nicer.

For stocking stuffers, go to the dollar store and get some fun things. If you are doing a silly theme, get light-up necklaces, jingle-bell bracelets, wind-up penguins, reindeer antlers for the adults. You can find them at most dollar stores. Children will like them too, but the adults may be entertained! You never know!

Make sure to label, Label, LABEL or else, if you don't have an elephant memory, you may be sorry! (I speak from experience)

Don't do things at the last minute. You don't want to be crabby, stressed out, and flustered on the big day.

So, what are your tips for the Holiday Season? Please be sure to let us all know about them! Thank you, friends.   :)

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