Sunday, November 23, 2014

Shooting Star!

We were driving home from a meeting last week, and it was late at night.

Suddenly, I saw something that I had never seen before.

A shooting star.

Wow! I have never seen anything like that! It was so lovely.
For the three seconds that I caught a glimpse of it.

It just made me think.... about many things. About my past experiences.... of the last months.... of the most recent trials.... of the torn, broken hearts, that I want to fix.... (I am an aspiring Social Worker, LOL but yes, that is what I want to be)
My train of thought ran over the many things that I have done in my life.

Where are you?

To sit outside until midnight watching the stars come out, and naming the constellations.
Or laying in bed until midnight, long for a breath of fresh air, and a break from the city.

Having water fights in your backyard on the hottest summer days.
Or are you sitting on the air conditioner, (yes I've done that) wishing for a breeze in San Francisco's sweltering weather? Wishing to get away from all the people?
Or are you enjoying the city and waiting patiently for your basketball game that's in two hours?

Are you riding your horse on the beach with your best friend?
Or are you skiing in the Rocky Mountains?
Or shopping at the mall and eating at your favorite gourmet restaurant?

Where are you today?

Are you shoveling snow?
Maybe sweeping the sand off your feet after walking on the beach?

Where are you right now?

Wherever you are, whether watching shooting stars in the night sky, or singing a solo in a big concert, or asleep in bed in a five-story apartment building....

Wherever you are, God still sees you. You can never run away from God.

I have had a Jonah experience. Turn in your Bible to the book of Jonah, and re-read it to refresh your memory. Jonah didn't do what God wanted him to do. But when he was in the whale, he decided that he would! Afterwards, he got out of the whale, (God got him out) and preached to Nineveh. (That is my summary, not the whole story.)

I did not want to go where God wanted me. I was in the wrong place.
I started having trials. Struggles. Tribulations.

I was not where God wanted me.
I went to where He impressed me to go.
I was instantly accepted.
I was asked to come again.

And I KNEW..... I knew why everything had happened. Whether you are watching a shooting star, or doing anything else, you are not hidden.

What are you doing at present? Have you ever stopped to think that God is watching you even now? He is watching you in His LOVE for you. He brought me back to where I needed to be. To where people would want me......

He died to save you. He is watching you now. You are His precious child.

I am honored to serve such a Ruler.

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