Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I found out not long ago that I was farsighted. I was horrified, as I had thought that I had perfect vision! I knew that I had a slight difficulty reading, and often strained my eyes.

But now that I know about my problem, I decided to fix it! So I just got a pair of reading glasses. I like to perch them on the end of my nose, that way I can still see people who are not two inches away from my face!

I never wore glasses before, (except for the novelty of it LOL) so this is a new experience! Another friend of mine wears reading glasses some too, but she keeps them in her purse, and only wears them when she has to read something. Her problem is worse than mine, but she is very adverse to wearing glasses. Now that I am wearing them, though, she is not so unhappy with it.

So do any of you wear reading glasses? Are any of you nearsighted/farsighted? It's okay to be different. God made us all just the way that we are!

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