Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What did Music do to me?

I composed a verse that explains my passion for music and the result of it.

No one could have forced me to go as far as I have in music. It was solely upon my passion for it, that drove me. Now I know that I didn't know what music was then. I only know now, the dedication, the struggles, the pain, and the power of music. For some it comes naturally and easy, but not me. I was driven to perform, to be the best of the best, to become something. 

Never came naturally to me. Never came easy. Never just happened.

But that is what built me. Shaped me. Molded my outlook on music.

I have come to appreciate music more. I have stretched. And I am glad for it.

How can you
Music if you've never learned the
that comes with playing the instrument
of blisters on your knuckles
When things don't go as planned, or you mess up
That is part of any real musician
The life-changing
And the
To touch people and impress them?
You can't. Only By experience can you 
What it really means........

How has music made you? How has it changed you? It will ever, forever, be a part of my life!

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