Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to layer clothing: A written tutorial

How to layer clothing: A written tutorial

Start with socks. I recommend knee highs. Put these on before continuing

Now for the tights: Tights are like leggings with feet on them. Pull these tights on over the socks.
*You can also use leggings. It is just prone to be more noticeable, because of your socks. But it does work if your legs feel like ice cubes, and your feet feel on fire, like me!

Next get a pair of knee length jean shorts. Pull them on over the tights/leggings.

Over that, wear a long, thick, jean skirt. You're set! And no one will know unless you tell them or they scrutinize your skirt!

Want to know part two of the layering tutorial?

On top of all that, put on a thick sleeveless undershirt.

Over that, wear a long thin undershirt. Make sure that it hangs down low, and don't tuck it in.

Then, put on a thick warm shirt of your choice.

Over that, wear a pullover sweater, or a sweater dress.

Don't forget a pair of cozy boots and a warm jacket for outside! (I wear a ski jacket.)

You're set! At least I am.
This is my go-to outfit for this cold weather we've been having!

What are your favorite layering ideas? Why not try it and see what you think?

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